• Military Energy Gum

    100mg of caffeine | Made in the USA

  • Energy When You Need It.

    Proven to improve performance. Fast-Acting + Long-Lasting.

  • Strong Energy Gum

    Enhanced Focus & Clarity

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  • Convenient Rapid Energy

    Absorbed 5x Faster than energy drinks

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Military Energy Gum

Proven to improve physical performance. 
It's fast-acting and long-lasting energy.


Over 30 Clinical Studies performed with M.E.G. Gum

Proven to Improve Cognitive and Physical Performance

Recommended Safe & Effective by The Committee on Military Nutrition Research*

Marketright Inc. and the Military have worked together since 1998 to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths

Military Energy Gum is in production and available to the Armed Forces, security agencies and the public

Troops no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to keep alert

M.E.G has been field tested by Military Labs

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Energy When You Need It

Proven to improve physical performance.
It's fast-acting and long-lasting energy.